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GTI Global TKD International

Sun 26 Feb 2020

Leisure@Cheltenham, Tommy Taylors Ln, Cheltenham GL50 4RN

Day started with breakfast at the hotel before a 20 minute drive to the competition. There was limited parking onsite but we found some additional parking up the road.

This competition is always good as they line all the divisions up and move the exceptionally smaller or larger fighters into more appropriate divisions. However, there were some suspicious competitors who blatantly tried to get away with entering a lower division for their height to gain an unfair advantage! Luckily, the refs were on hand to check for suspected knee-crouching and proceeded to move them into the correct categories.

Ethan went to a fight off for third and lost due to some very suspect refereeing.

Please watch and judge for yourselves below:-

Tyler went to the final and got Silver which was a fair result as his opponent was very good at kicking.

Ashton dominated all his fights with superior kicks, punches and timing; and went on to get gold.

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