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ITF HQ Wales National Tournament


Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Village CF48 1UT

Journey to Methyr Tydfil

Nice drive and good views. Narrow windy A road all the way down to South Wales.

Review of hotel

Nice, clean spacious rooms. Both set up with main double bed with 2 separate single beds ready made up. No hairdryer. There was no access to HDMI port on the back of the TV on the wall which meant we couldn’t connect the PS4!! Travelodge – £90.00

Review of restaurant

Chinese buffet was nicely set out. We went up to the buffet bar straight after ordering drinks. Kiddies loved the variety. Prawn toast was a winner. Good selection of starts. Mains and desserts – £85.00 +£10.00 tip

Robin went for an early McD’s breakfast run. Breakfast wraps in our rooms went down a treat. Nice not to rush downstairs for breakfast, only then to be rush back to our rooms to chill.

Review of competition venue

Right next to the hotel within walking distance. Still arrived at 8:30am and getting settled for another long wait for the start of the tournament. Bumped into an old friend JP and his dad. Great to see them again – looking at photos of their first tag team gold medal at the Scottish TAGB 2015 looking so young and fresh, super proud of their medals – The Destroyers Ashton, JP and Charlie.

Review of tournament

Good organised start again with all competitors lining up in their clubs. Ashton, Ethan and Tyler representing Ady Jones Wrexham. Patterns up first this morning and also the black belt team patterns.


Comfortably won his first fight – knocked his opponent a few times out of the area and winded him I think (RC) Are 4 is white a distance away from the bleaches so not able to get good photos/video

Ashton Gold / Ethan Gold / Tyler Silver – all Sparring

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