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KGS KWON Grand Slam No.1

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Sunday 12 January 2020

Wolverhampton Racecourse, Dunstall Park, WV6 0PE

Although we have done the KGS Tri-series before, this was the first time we have been to the Wolverhampton Racecourse venue. The journey to the venue was a breeze as we missed all the traffic that we would ordinarily hit on the way to the old venue North Solihull Sports Centre.

First in the 2020 Tri-series

Although the venue itself was good, the mats could have been laid out better. The mats were all laid on one side which meant that spectators were all crowding to one side; making visibility difficult. If the mats were laid out in the Centre with circulation space around the all sides of the mats; visibility would be so much better.

The referees all appeared to be fair and on the ball; and I didn’t see any suspect calls. Del Sampson worked the floor well, keeping the fights moving and making sure the mats were being used efficiently.

Ashton found himself competing with 17 year olds and held his own and getting a Silver; not bad as he is only 13.

Tyler needs to practice his movement more but came away with a Bronze and Silver.

Ethan moved well and was quick off the mark to win a Gold in Points Sparring and a Bronze in Continuous. Ethan lost to the person who went on to get Gold; after the each ref gave it to opposite fighters and then it went to extra time and then the same refs gave it again to opposite fighters but different to their first call.

Overall a good first competition for 2020 and looking forward to the second leg on the 15th March.

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