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North Wales Inter-club Tournament - 02/02/2020

Deeside Leisure Centre, Queensferry Sunday 2 February 2020

We were one of the first to arrive at Deeside Leisure Centre at 8:40am! Only 20 minutes from Wrexham so makes a change from waking up at the crack of dawn to drive for 1-2 hours to a venue. At least we got settled in a good spot at the top of the bleaches waiting for the tournament to start.

Sports hall filling up and ready for kick-off.

Ashton unfortunately didn't get the result we'd hope for. He never seems to put in 100% when he's matched against friends. So he was disappointingly knocked out in the second round today.

Overall, just the two medals for Ethan and Tyler today with second place silver and third place bronze, in their individual sparring category.

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