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Ethan & Tylers homework ideas

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Creating a website about their Taekwondo journey

This is some of our homework ideas for our website. We have drawn everything on our white boards and taken photos of everything we have done together. We've been coming up with ideas for the name of our website and together decided on SynergyBro – it means working together to become something better than we are as individuals training alone.

Why Tyler likes Taekwondo:
  • Helps to defend myself

  • Increases my fitness

  • Makes me become strong

  • Make new friends

  • Can make you famous, like Jade Jones

  • I like Sparring and competing

  • We have been thinking of lots of ideas for our website like designing our own hoodies and tshirts – we all shared ideas for a logo.

Why Ethan likes Taekwondo:
  • Why do you like Taekwondo?

  • I can defend myself

  • I like making new friends

  • I like getting medals

  • I like to keep getting better and better at Sparring

Firstly, we chose a name, checked to see if we could register the web address, decided on what colours to use so that mum could start putting it all together on the internet. We thought 3 Deadly Syns was a cool name and also a play on words – maybe we could use that as a nickname for our blog :-)

We thought about factors on how to rate a competitions, a training blog for our signature moves -’ then we need a section saying ‘coming soon’ for all our ideas for t-shirts and hoodies etc.

We're also thinking of how to pair competitors in upcoming tournaments.

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