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TAGB English Championship 2019

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Sunday 24 March 2019

The University of Worcester Arena, Hylton Road, Worcester WR2 5JN

Journey to Worcester

Ashton didn’t like the smell of the car after a while. Liked it until 45mins in, the air started getting thick!

Tyler, it was good but took him an hour to get a good spot. All asleep after 5 minutes into the journey.

Robin thought the journey was fine, traffic was clear. Ethan thought it was good because of the songs. But volume was a bit quiet.

Review of hotel

Holiday Inn Express Hotel was easy to find. Just off the main journey

Hotel was good. Missing a bath. Has a bar. Harvester next door. TV was bad because it didn't have a menu or program text. Rooms were good and next to each other. Free WiFi was brill – no code required and a decent speed. Facilities were adequate.

Reception was nice, lots of room and comfy sofas. Ashton said it sets a good impression.

Our room was cold for a change and we had to adjust the temperature to warm up. Hotel £106.40

Review of restaurant

All in a food coma!! Free salad bar and mini bread rolls to start with. Then nachos and sharing platter for starters. The boys all had refillable drinks, I had a bottle of wine to myself and Robin had san miguel. Service was good and staff were friendly. Food arrived promptly. Even allowed us to pack up unfinshed meals to take back to the hotel with us. Lunch and dinner from 3pm – 4:30ish and back in our rooms to chill out by 5pm!! Lunch £155.00

Review of competition venue

Top marks for robin for having the foresight to approach the venue from a certain direction to avoid the queue of traffic to the arena. We parked across the river and walked across the bridge. Settled n plenty of time and the boys are chilling on their iPads. Ashton looks tired this morning though.

Review of tournament

9:05 and patterns have just been called to start! Impressed with the prompt start 👍🏼

Gutted for Ethan and Tyler for missing out on their fights because of poor decisions from the refs. In both if their fights, their opponents were awarded 3 point head kicks that blatantly missed. Both did well but unlucky with the results today.

Ashton did super well and won first place Gold. I missed his fights because it was on at the same time as the twins. Incredibly proud oh him and certainly redeemed himself for missing out on the English Champs last year.

Long wait for the Tag team categories to start now. Injuries are clocking up today; one girl was almost knocked out with a nose-bleed, who then recovered to continue on to win gold in her category. Another girl has just been knocked unconscious and surrounded by medics and covered in a blanket on Area 1!


Gold for his individual sparring – lightweight black belt

Gold for black belt team sparring

Ethan & Tyler

Won bronze for their tag team sparring with Lewis from Ady Jones Martial Arts Club

And a long drive back home chilling with a takeaway and movie.

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