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TAGB Midlands Champs - 25/01/2020

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Saturday 25th January 2020

Arena Sports, Thurston Drive, Kettering NN15 6PB

Early morning start, driving to Kettering for the Midlands Championships. The drive was good and the 3 competing brothers slept for the 2 hour 15 min journey.

Arriving at the Arena, we were able to easily find a parking space. But organisers should try and stagger the opening time rather than have kids shivering in the cold, queuing around the building waiting for doors to open.

The area layouts were good as well as visibility of the fights.

Tyler’s kicks keep getting better and he just missed out on a bronze in sparring . However he then got gold in Tag team sparring with Ethan and Lewis from the Academy.

Ethan speed keeps increasing and his kicks are starting to catch up with the quality of his punches. Ethan got Silver in sparring and then got gold in Tag team sparring with his brother and Lewis from the Academy.

Ashton was on fire and his fights were superbly timed. He got gold in sparring and gold in Tag team sparring.


Ashton Gold Sparring🥇 / Gold Tag🥇

Ethan Silver Sparring🥈 / Gold Tag🥇

Tyler Gold Tag🥇


After some hot showers we traveled to Gloucester to a hotel, ready for another competition the next day.

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