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TAGB Scottish Championships 2019

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Sat 7th Sept 2019 – John Wright Sports Centre, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Scotland. G74 3EU

Journey to Glasgow

Making the annual trip up to Scotland for the TAGB Scottish Championships with the boys.

The drive up to Scotland was long but enjoyable no traffic and minimal road works with speed restrictions.

The change in venue from that of previous years was a little disappointing. On arrival it appeared that there was insufficient parking and with cars parked haphazardly blocking pedestrian pathways to the rear of the site.

The hall was incredibly cramped with a single row of spectator seating around the perimeter, predominantly taken up by bags and equipment, and so we had to sit on the floor. When the competition started, it was impossible for spectators to see the areas in the centre of the hall unless you sat around the areas – and subsequently, you were then told no spectators were allowed in the tournament areas!

The TAGB need to realistically justify how they can charge for spectator tickets and yet fail to provide basic amenities for an annual event like this. In summary, ‘we’re going to reach into your pockets, take £10 and yes, let’s say it’s to provide so called spectator seating ‘. The Ed Sheehan song ‘You need me more than I need you comes to mind’.

Ashton came away with a Bronze in Point Stop Sparring having lost to the winner. He also came away with Silver in Tag Sparring which turned into a great category of very close fights; drawing in a crowd of spectators that surrounded the area. It was a good job that it was the last fight of the day and the TAGB didn’t move the spectators , as it would have destroyed a truly great atmosphere.

Ethan got Bronze in Sparring and lost out to his old Tag Team member Noah who was on fire and managed to undo Ethan’s points with two great head kicks. Ethan also got Silver in Tag Team Sparring, which again turned out some great fights.

Ethan with Bronze third place medal. His friend Noah came second with Silver.

Tyler didn’t managed to get fired up for his individual Sparring and lost out on a Bronze. However he came away with a Silver in Tag Team Sparring and some valuable experience of what to do next time.

Second place silver for the Destroyers Tag Team


Ashton Bronze PS Sparring 🥉Silver Tag Team 🥈

Ethan Bronze PS Sparring 🥉Silver Tag Team 🥈

Tyler Silver Tag Team 🥈

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