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Urban Open – Final of the 2019 South West Series

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Oxstalls Campus, Oxstalls Lane, Gloucester GL2 9HW

Sunday 12th May 2019

Smooth journey down to Gloucester


Stopped at services for a McDs breakfast. SynergyBro hoodies debut today :-)

The sports hall was already set up in preparation for the competition when we arrived. Only 3 mats laid out which is the smallest comp we’ve attended.

Ethan and Tyler have been entered into the following categories:

8: -135cm Advanced Boys point Stop – Area 3

44: -135cm Boys Light Contact – Area 2

Ashton’s entered in:

15: -155cm Advanced Boys Point Stop – Area 3

46: -155cm Boys Light Contact – Area 2

Kitted out and waiting for their categories to be called up.

Ashton breezes through first round and dominated full fight. Then, unfortunately, lost his second against another skinny little lad! By one point! A good, fair fight with plenty of dodges and counterpunches.

The twins were both up against much more experienced fighters and missed out on placements for both continuous and point stop. Tricky fights to watch when you can tell they're being dominated by the opponents.

When Ethan stepped up to partner with Ashton in the under 155cm Tag Team event, I was filled with dread. Whilst his opponent blatantly towered over him, he did go easy on him and just scored the points with contact which was very respectful. The height difference was obvious.

Overall, a well organised and fair competition with more experienced dedicated kick-boxing opponents. Enjoyed the day but only silver and bronzes to take away this time.

Ashton Silver🥈in continuous, Bronze🥉in point-stop, Bronze🥉 in tag team

Ethan Bronze🥉in tag team with Ashton, Bronze🥉tag team with Tyler

Tyler Bronze🥉in tag team with Ethan

Also, the medals for Tag Teams weren't available on the day of the competition as they were let down with the delivery. Hopefully, will have receive them in the next few days.

SynergyBros on Tour 😊

The boys' medals arrive the week after and I finally have a photo of the final tally 😊

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