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Welsh TAGB Championships 2019

Cyncoed Campus, Cyncoed Rd Cardiff, CF23 6XD

Sunday 19th May 2019


Smooth journey. Although I woke up thinking we were 15 minutes away when we were actually still 1 hour and 15 minutes away!

Although it looked nothing like this photo :-D

Review of hotel

Holiday Inn Express was easy to find and park up. £210 altogether for 2 overnight rooms with breakfast and parking! Cardiff always seems to be priced the highest out of all the competitions throughout the year.

Review of restaurant

Hangry Robin obviously complained about the hotel not having a restaurant next door like with Premier Inns. So we took a walk (15mins max) to the nearest cinema and restaurant complex. Decided on a yummy Chinese buffet after deliberating for about 10 mins and wondering around looking at menus.

Ethan's tooth also fell out when we got back to the hotel.

Review of competition venue

Easy to find. Easy to park. 50p charge for full day. The very first competition we entered with Ashton about 4 years ago in 2015. Bleachers all full, mostly with bags. Found a spot to park the bags and to use as a base near area 7 when the twins will be sparring. Toilets were overflowing with around 20+ people queuing up 😕

Arena was fully set up when we arrived at 9:15am. Areas were well spaced out and didn't feel cramped with bags and spectators for a change.

The boys having some chill-out time before their categories are called. Ashton was reminiscing about the first competitions he entered 4 years ago as a yellow belt. "So I've been doing Taekwondo for a third of my life!" Since he was aged 7 turning 8 – and now aged 12, his voice is starting to deepen and on the verge of breaking.

Review of tournament

9:40am and first categories being called out. Feels much better organised already than some of the other tournaments we've been to which is always a bonus.

9:45am and patterns are just starting 🙂 Great to see the comp starting promptly.

Ethan comfortably won his first fight 2-7 with 2 body kicks and a headkick.

Ashton has just started in Area 20 which is right cross on the other side of the arena with no viewing access so we're not able to watch his fights properly >:-[

And most frustratingly, they have stopped the tournament to give out awards to black belt dan grades. Cannot understand why they can't do that first before the start of the tournament rather than stopping midway through fights.

Boys Green Tag Teams

Titans won their first match 17-1. Videoed the first fight on the perimeter of the mats but then told no recording by one of the stewards.


Ashton Gold in Tag🥇 (missed out on individual sparring b/c of poor decision going against him when he was dominating the match against Murray) (Boys Black Lightweight)

Ethan Silver Sparring🥈 Silver Tag🥈 with Tyler/Noah (Boys Green Belt Peewee)

Tyler Bronze Sparring🥉 Silver Tag 🥈with Ethan/Noah (Boys Green Belt Peewee)

A celebratory takeaway and drinks from Anise has become a tradition for us after a tournament.

Whilst posing with a beverage, the boys much preferred their diet cokes instead

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