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WFMC British Open 2019

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Saturday 9th Feb 2019 – Solihull Sports Centre B37 5LA


In Birmingham at the WFMC tournament. A little apprehensive because it’s MMA including kickboxing which usually means it’s much more aggressive and fast paced 😬 🤦🏻‍♀️

Adult fights were full contact and aggressive which was an unnerving build-up to the boys' categories.


Too many categories throughout the day and a long wait between each fight being called up. There were 2 rings and 2 mats set out for competitors of all levels and ages.

1:05pm: Ashton lost his first fight. The long wait didn't help so by the time he was up, we all felt drained and taken back.

Unfortunately, Tyler lost his second fight to the eventual winner. And Ethan won third place bronze.

2:45pm: The long break until Ashton's ring fight was draining on everyone. So by the time Ashton was up, I think he lost his concentration. He took a helluva battering and my stomach was churning as I watched. Still very proud he held his ground and came away with a second place silver trophy.

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