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WKA Scottish Kickboxing Championships

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Sat 8th Feb 2020

Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, 1 O'Donnell Way, Wishaw, Motherwell ML1 2TZ

The event was extremely well organised at Ravenscraig today. We were able to park up onsite, and after a short wait in the queue for registration, we found seating in the bleaches with a great view of all the areas. The mats were all pre-arranged and well organised so that spectators had good views from all angles.

The plasma screens with the fighters’ names, score and running order were superb. In this day and age, it’s a wonder why other event organisers can’t do the same and utilise the same technology for paying parents and spectators to improve their experience of the tournaments. Credit to WKA organisers for providing this throughout the day.

The refereeing was fair and unbiased. However, the lady tracking the score electronically, must've accidentally pressed a few additional points to Tyler's opponent while he was sparring because it suddenly jumped from 3 to 7 points without making any contact with him. Fortunately, Tyler won the fight as his kicks were spectacular.

Thoroughly enjoyed the competition and hope to bring the boys to some of the other WKA events.

Tyler got a 1x Gold and 2 x Silvers. His kicks were fantastic and he ended up in the final twice against someone much larger than him. Tyler did a ring event, something that he’s not really done and was up against a much more experienced fight that was very disrespectful and reflected the attitudes of his coaches that were shouting aggressive comments. Taking into account the above I thought Tyler showed great courage to get into the ring and spar and came away with a Silver.

Tyler’s point-stop fight against an opponent who was easily 20cm taller than him. His head kicks were superb and showed off his skills and techniques against the tallest competitor in his category.

Ethan got 2 x Silver and 1 x Bronze. Ethan keeps getting faster and is introducing more kicks. He lost out to the person who one the points fighting division, had a very close fight in the ring to end up with Silver and got a Silver in continuous but could have probably got gold if he hadn’t had to come off from the ring and straight into the next division.

Ethan was running on adrenaline and endorphins as he had to compete in the biggest categories to win his placements. His ring fight was gut-wrenching to watch but he held his own and came second.

Ashton got 2 x Gold and 1 x Silver. His movement and timing is just insane. He just missed out on gold in continuous but it was a great evenly matched fight. He then got to the final in points fighting against the same person he lost to in the final of the continuous; but this time he beat him in extra time to win Gold. Ashton also entered for ring fighting but his matched competitor didn’t show up so he got gold by default; which is still great as there will be plenty of 13 year olds that wouldn’t have even gotten out of bed yet, never mind get into a ring.

Ashton’s point-stop fight against the same guy he fought and lost out to at continuous – the final was so close and ran onto extra time 3 times with Ashton winning by 9-8

WKA Scotland needs a big round of applause in hosting such a great event 🌟🌟🌟


Ashton 2 x Gold and 1 x Silver 🥇🥇🥈

Ethan 2 x Silver and 1 x Bronze 🥈🥈🥉

Tyler 1x Gold and 2 x Silvers🥇🥈🥈

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